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............Jack, 18, champion of the tower...................
This is my blog which will be mainly focused around pokemon. I have a youtube channel ( Which I will marry you if you subscribed to. :D

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Pokemon DPP - Snowpoint City

Pokemon DPP - Snowpoint City

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These are great :D

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More ghost types! Shuppet and Bannet. Shuppet is cute and I guess you can always shut your Banette’s mouth if they are noisy!

Drifloon and Drifblim are impossibly cute for ghosts.

If you want to see some other pokemon next let me know!

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by ポリアクリラ

by ポリアクリラ

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The guardians of the skies and seas

Sorry I’ve been gone everybody, been stuck in the beautiful world of xenoblade chronicles (Wii) :D

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If this guy is more annoying than he is already I quit competitive.

If this guy is more annoying than he is already I quit competitive.

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